Listen to Zara read you a sample chapter from her novel, It Came 2 Pass.
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Man. I had to pause after reading certain parts, just to think about what I had just read. It’s that real.


Philadelphia, PA

Zara! I can’t take it! This book got me hooked! Hurry with the other parts!

Chicago, IL

Tears. Just tears. Oh my goodness. I was in tears. Can’t believe this is based on your true story. Thank you for being brave enough to share.

Atlanta, GA

Zara! Zara! Zara! Man. I didn’t know you could write like this. Wooow.


Allentown, PA

Zara writes in a way that makes you FEEL every part. I felt the pages, literally. Man.


Rahway, NJ

I don’t even have no words.


Houston, TX

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