The Challenge

Emotional challenges often try to keep us down, and cause us to believe lies that simply are not true. We believe those emotional struggles are linked to spiritual deprivation. Without a consistent pouring of truth and light through the Word of God, into your heart, you are left to feel lost, stuck, and ultimately depressed.

The Solution

Our mission is to provide emotional support through the healing power of God’s Word. Find tests and quick heart checks to help bind attacks, edifying interviews and content to motivate your emotional well-being, and one-on-one support for more intense challenges. God is a sure foundation, and His Word is the rock of that foundation.

  • Melancholy Temperament 7%
  • Choleric Temperament 13%
  • Sanguine Temperament 40%
  • Phlegmatic Temperament 40%

Did You Know Your Temperament Affects How You Manage Emotions?

Based on your temperament type, you are naturally inclined to certain behaviors. When you discover your temperament you can better understand yourself, and why you act the way you do, in order to target challenge areas with greater specificity. Which temperament are you? Find out today, so you can start to strengthen your weaknesses.

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The Spiritual Gifts List
  • Leadership
  • Administration
  • Teaching
  • Knowledge
  • Wisdom
  • Prophecy
  • Discernment
  • Exhortation
  • Shepherding
  • Faith
  • Evangelism
  • Apostleship
  • Service/Helps
  • Mercy
  • Giving
  • Hospitality

Know Your Spiritual Gift(s) & Inspire Healthier Emotions!

Your spiritual gifts are linked to your purpose. When you know your purpose you can battle the tendency to feel hopeless. Which spiritual gift has God given you? Find out today, so you can begin to walk in His purpose for your life.

*God gifts believers with an expression of His Holy Spirit to support His vision and mission of the church. It is a worldwide vision to reach all people with the gospel of Christ. As a servant leader, God desires that you know how He has gifted you. This will lead you to where He would have you serve as part of His vision and mission for the church.
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[WATCH] Tired of Waiting on God! (The Irony of Waiting)

Face it, utter frustration can result when in the waiting room of God’s timetable. But, what if you’re not the one waiting (even though you think you are)? Find out what I mean—and how to move forward—when you watch this episode of Zara Talks.

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[WATCH] “How Do I Deal With Opinionated People?”

Recognize the traits of opinionated people, and two ways to deal with them (like Yeshua)—on this episode of Zara Talks.

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[WATCH] I Wanted to Die Last Week

There won’t ever be a time it’s not necessary to present diligent pleas to God—therefore, we must never grow weary in having to do so. We may get tired of facing affliction and storms, but we must never get tired of praying through them. Find out why when you watch this episode of Zara Talks.

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[WATCH] The Thing I Fear Has Come Upon Me

Did you know there’s a common root of our gripes with, and murmurings against, God? And that root is a specific sin too. In the book of Job, it may seem like his fear [Job 3:25-26] was the issue. However, we find out later, that very specific sin was what Job had to repent of, not fear. Find out what it is when you watch this episode of Zara Talks.

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[WATCH] I Don’t Believe In Jesus Anymore (?)

The fight with unbelief usually springs from a pride within our own heart, so we must be adamant about asking God to search our heart, constantly. Otherwise we end up masking the real issue; pride. For many Christians, they pretend their zeal for God is driving them, when they’re really only after something they envy or covet (rooted in pride). That pride keeps us from relying on God’s understanding, which then prevents us from growing in faith. So, we succumb to unbelief.  WATCH now, to learn more.

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[Watch] What to Do When You’re Full of Fear

Fear is so wack! Whether you fear losing life, money, influence…or whatever else, God doesn’t want us full of fear. Let’s talk about what to do about it.

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[WATCH] Here’s Why You Act the Way You Do

Wish they would just be more like you? Or, wish you could be more like them? Cut that out, you act the way you do for a reason and a purpose! In this episode of Zara Talks, I help you learn more about yourself and what to do with the information.

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[WATCH] How to Stop Being a People-Pleaser

Get free from the trap of opinion! In this episode of Zara Talks, I show you why God doesn’t want you to be a people-pleaser and how to stop being one.

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[WATCH] How to Get Out of a Rut

Do you feel stuck? I help you get unstuck when you watch this episode of Zara Talks.

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[WATCH] Don’t Be a Secret Admirer

Who are you withholding admiration from? In this episode of Zara Talks, find out why you shouldn’t be a secret admirer and how to be more like those God used to write the Bible.

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[WATCH] When Trust Is Broken; Tips to Restore It

Know that once trust is broken in a relationship, it involves serious work to restore it again. If you are struggling to trust someone—due to emotional cheating, physical cheating or physical abuse—this video will provide you with tips on how to restore it.

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[WATCH] An Easy Way to Manage Your Emotions

Get your emotions under control! Here’s an easy way to do it.

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[WATCH] Don’t Worry? [What to Do When You Don’t Know How to Not Worry]

We often hear that we shouldn’t worry—but, it’s not always as common to be followed up with exactly how to not worry. Well, I’ve got 3 tips for you to do just that!

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[WATCH] 9 Fruits Challenge, Update [Try This!]

Has God tricked me? Did I shelve 2016 with the “worst years of my life,” years? Will you try this activity, or are you scared? Watch this video to get answers to these questions +more.

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[WATCH] “Thank You God!”

What was the last thing you thanked God for? How often do you thank Him? Did you know it is the will of God that we, His children and disciples of Christ, be thankful in all things? I offer a really simple tip that can help you do just that, in this video. Share it so you can help your friends and family too!

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[WATCH] Living With a Mental Disorder

It took me over 18 years before I finally got help with my mental disorder, and it only happened “by chance,” when I finally attempted the suicide I’d long dreamed about. Watch this video to learn more about my story, and how you can help your loved ones with a similar struggle. May the lies you believe about mental health issues be uprooted!

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[WATCH] Help My Depression (Part 1-4)

Just because they minimize your hurt, doesn’t mean it’s minimal. Just because it wouldn’t impact them the way it’s impacting you, doesn’t mean they’re stronger…or, that it isn’t “that serious.” If it matters to you, it most certainly matters to our Father. He knows, He sees (even the details they don’t), and He understands your hurt and pain fully. Find out what I mean in this video series.

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“Help My Unbelief!”

You don’t have to feel condemned, or as though you are betraying God because you presently have doubts where you once stood firm. Confess to your Savior that you need Him to help your unbelief. I talk more about unbelief and the life of the believer in this brief video blog.

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Zara Talks About Being Encouraged, In 60 Seconds

We sometimes end up in lonely life seasons, left to feel like no one cares. Do you wish someone would encourage you in your dark time? While it seems like there is no one to encourage you, there actually is. Find out who in this 60-second HeartCheck.

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Zara Talks About Cheating Men, In 60 Seconds

You probably hear the popular belief that “all men cheat,” on talk and radio shows, television, and even amongst your peers. As a matter of fact, you yourself might even believe it is true. Whether you think all men cheat, some men cheat, or your views are somewhere in-between, the Bible has key evidence to dispute the popular belief altogether. Listen to this 60-second HeartCheck to find out.

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Zara Talks About Why It Still Hurts, In 60 Seconds

Does the heartbreak still hurt you? Are you struggling to move on from what occurred due to their betrayal? Sometimes we just bask in our heartbreak, without stopping to ask why we are still hurting. So, why are you hurting after all this time? In this 60-second HeartCheck, find out one reason that could be causing your hurt to stay at a standstill.

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Zara Talks About Them Getting Away With Hurting You, In 60 Seconds

Did they get away with hurting you? Maybe you feel betrayed by an ex, while they seem to flaunt their happiness all over social media. Or, perhaps an associate lied on you without penalty. Now, all you can think about is the injustice you feel. Thanks be to God, there is something you can do about it. Find out one option, specifically, in this 60-second HeartCheck.

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Zara Talks About Being A “Fool For Love,” In 60 Seconds

We hear all kinds of simple sayings like, “Easy As 1-2-3,” and “Sweet As Pie,” without really investigating their meaning. However, when it comes to terms like “Fool For Love,” we might want to slow down and think about what we are truly saying. Find out why “Fool For Love,” is a bad term, and the reason we should stop using it, in this 60-second HeartCheck.

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Zara Talks About Getting Free From Burdens, In 60 Seconds

Do you feel overwhelmed? Weighed down with responsibilities or problems? The weight of the world does not belong on your shoulders. There is a solution! Find out one simple resolve, and get a burden lift, in this 60-second HeartCheck.

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Zara Talks To Hollywood Star Kel Mitchell: Love-Life After Attempted Suicide

Since he was twelve years old, Kel Mitchell’s been known for playing the funny guy. Many confuse his real life with make-believe. They think he’s lived carefree, void of trial and far from pain. He smiles in almost every picture (a trait especially scarce in most men) and it’s easy to find people who consider him a positive example (not as easy for most of today’s celebrities). However, after listening to Kel describe his suicidal attempt, past struggles with drug and alcohol use, and details about his divorce, it became clear there was a time when nothing was funny about his life.

Read More


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