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Do You Know Your Love Language?

Discover what makes you feel most loved when you take the Love Language Test. Once you know your love language (and your spouses), you can start to break down communication walls. Go ahead, take the test, and encourage your spouse to take it too! If you need a little extra help, we can help you through the dialouge process once you get your results.


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  • Melancholy Temperament 7%
  • Choleric Temperament 13%
  • Sanguine Temperament 40%
  • Phlegmatic Temperament 40%

Did You Know Your Temperament Affects Your Relationships?

Based on your temperament type, you are naturally inclined to certain behaviors. When you discover your temperament you can better understand yourself, and why you act the way you do, in order to target challenge areas with greater specificity. Which temperament are you? Find out today, so you can better relate with yourself and others.

Take the Temperament Test

Pain w/ Sex? Men Want It More? [Let’s Talk About Sex (&Love), Ep. 1)]

Watch the first episode of this new series I’m thinking about bringing to you. If you like the series idea, leave a comment or send your question via the contact link in my IG bio.

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[WATCH] Zara Talks: Love-Life LIVE Stream w/ Zara & Eshon

Feeling lonely? No plans? Hang with me and my husband on Valentine’s Day evening! Talk with us LIVE about love and life at 8:30 p.m. EST! We’re taking your questions, and glad to answer them. Make sure you subscribe.

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Life Advice From My 84-Year-Old Nana! [Happy Black History Month]

What’s her best life lesson? What about dating and marital advice? What kept her going in difficult times? To celebrate Black History Month, I wanted to highlight an elder from my own family tree. Celebrate with me, and get life advice from my 84-year-old Nana, when you watch this video.

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[WATCH] How We Stay Happily Married (10 Years & Counting!)

After learning of our 10-year vow renewal, you asked, and we listened. Here’s how we stay married.

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[WATCH] Biblical Submission

Marriage can feel miserable when submission is taken out of context and enforced on either spouse. Learn how to practice submission when you watch “Biblical Submission,” on this episode of Zara Talks!

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[WATCH] I Married the Wrong Person!

Learn two things you can do right away if you feel like you’re in the wrong marriage.

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[WATCH] When Trust Is Broken; Tips to Restore It

Know that once trust is broken in a relationship, it involves serious work to restore it again. If you are struggling to trust someone—due to emotional cheating, physical cheating or physical abuse—this video will provide you with tips on how to restore it.

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[WATCH] 15 Things to Do So You Don’t Have Sex

Studies show couples who have sex before they get married end up with less pleasurable sex lives compared to those who wait until marriage. Regardless of such useful information, it’s still a real struggle for many people. Usually it’s because they’re more focused on what they can’t do than what they can. So it’s good to know Biblical guidelines like those outlined in 1 Corinthians 7:32-35, but even better when it’s used as a tool to reinforce you positively.

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[WATCH] Before You Cheat

Find out how porn addiction and temptations of attention outside our marriage lead us to discover the power of confession, in this Zara Talks episode—which my husband dropped in on. I trust the stories and application suggestion at the end of the video will help you mature and grow your relationship or marriage.

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[VIDEO] Answers For Married Couples: My Wife Wants More Help Around the House, but Isn’t That a Woman’s Job?

Watch this new video segment series: Answers For Married Couples, presented by Love-Life, Inc. Eshon Burgundy and Zara Hairston will answer your questions about marriage in 3 mins or less—monthly! Subscribe to the YouTube channel for video notifications, and send questions to: for a chance to see you question featured.

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[VIDEO] Answers For Married Couples: How Do You Work Through the Porn Addiction Of a Spouse?

Watch the first of many questions answered in this new video segment series: Answers For Married Couples, presented by Love-Life, Inc. Eshon Burgundy and Zara Hairston will answer your questions about marriage in 3 mins or less—monthly! Subscribe to the YouTube channel for video notifications, and send questions to: for a chance to see you question featured.

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[WATCH] “She Told People Her (Old) Ring Was Fake!”

We don’t have to hide our imperfections, let us allow God to get the glory out of them. I talk more about the whole “she told everybody her (old) ring was fake!” in this video.

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Thoughtless Tuesday • “Zara Shorts”

In this short story, Zara introduces you to a lonely wife who encounters a spunky stranger at a coffee shop, who tests her faith and marriage—in what seems to be a chance conversation.

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Single Blues? Here’s Some Help!

Time ticks. Days pass. Friends hook up. You? Still single. Even though it’s your choice to remain single, instances occur when you feel disheartened. Those feelings sometimes stir up questions about the future of your life and the length of your singleness. “Is there somebody for me?” “How long before that perfect person comes my way?” Those kinds of thoughts repeat themselves—mostly centered on doubt.

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Can’t Afford Your Wife & Kids? 5 Things That Can Help

Barely keeping up with partially paid bills and piling debts can sometimes invite bull-dog debt collectors—how overwhelming for the loving husband and father. In such situations, it is easy to feel powerless. Some men give up and lose hope while others pursue illegal activity to combat the financial strain, but neither result well. So what does a man do when he is drowning in lack with a family who depends on him to fix it?

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Are You Arguing Too Much?

Couples argue about everything from children and housework to money and sex—even the best marriage counselors and love guru’s have conflict about these same things in their own relationships. Conflict-free relationships do not exist, so it’s no cause for alarm if you and your mate have arguments. The danger, however, is when those arguments become destructive.

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3 Marriage Cycles: Which One Are You In?

If you could only have one what would you choose: love or respect? Research data in Shaunti Feldhahn’s book, “For Women Only,” concludes that most men choose respect while most women prefer love. Ironically, many couples don’t even recognize their spouse’s primary need, and think sex, money or in-law problems keep them from having a good marriage. Emerson and Sarah Eggerichs of Love and Respect Ministries have decoded though, that the state of any marriage has much to do with recognizing certain cycles that involve love and respect.

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“I Love You” Vs. “I’m In Love With You”

Finding an official definition of “in love” on the web came close to non-existent despite the fact that the Google AdWords Keyword Tool confirms it’s searched over seven million times a month globally. Why, when it’s such a common belief that the two terms differ?

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“Why Am I Still Single?”

Trying to figure out where you went wrong in your last relationship? Can’t understand why you’ve been single so long? This can help.

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Spice Up Your Marriage: A 7-Day Tip Sheet

Nearly 50 percent of married couples get divorced. A variety of factors contribute to this overwhelming rate, but just one factor can help that rate decline: romance. Romance in a marriage takes communication, concentrated attention and selflessness, all things that can contribute to divorce when taken for granted. Couples can heat up their marriage by getting romantic in simple ways every day, in turn moving them further and further from the possibility of divorce.

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Zara Talks About Cheating Men, In 60 Seconds

You probably hear the popular belief that “all men cheat,” on talk and radio shows, television, and even amongst your peers. As a matter of fact, you yourself might even believe it is true. Whether you think all men cheat, some men cheat, or your views are somewhere in-between, the Bible has key evidence to dispute the popular belief altogether. Listen to this 60-second HeartCheck to find out.

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Prevent Loneliness: 15 Tips

What exactly makes you lonely? “Lonely,” according to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, is defined as “being company-less, cut off from other people and/or full of bleak-like feelings.” In that case, a definite way to combat loneliness includes doing things that involve others or at least that inspire a sense of inclusion.

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Is Your Engagement Relationship Healthy? Check These 5 Things!

Making it past the single life, through the dating experience, and into an exclusive relationship is almost like nearing a marathon finish line. When marriage is just a step or two away and you have already come so far, it is easy to overlook things figuring you can fix them after the wedding—very unwise. Use the commitment or engagement to fix anything broken because a whole new marathon begins once you get married, and it is the longest one you will ever run.

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Zara Talks About Why It Still Hurts, In 60 Seconds

Does the heartbreak still hurt you? Are you struggling to move on from what occurred due to their betrayal? Sometimes we just bask in our heartbreak, without stopping to ask why we are still hurting. So, why are you hurting after all this time? In this 60-second HeartCheck, find out one reason that could be causing your hurt to stay at a standstill.

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How Healthy Is Your Marriage? Check These 5 Things!

Failing to treat a little finger cut can end up costing you your finger. The same thing applies to marriage. Of course things like physical, verbal or mental abuse show signs of an ailing marriage—but other seemingly small factors put a marriage in that category too. It is always wise to give your marriage a health checkup or evaluation at least yearly to treat and prevent problems from growing out of control.

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Getting a Handle on Love

Love challenges everyone. Whether you’re looking for love as a single or trying to figure out where it went in your marriage, everybody needs help getting a handle on it from time to time.

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Keep the Fire in Your Marriage: 20 Tips

When a physical fire goes out at night it is difficult to see anything clearly. The same holds true when your marriage loses its fire (especially in hard times). Romance cures it and it does not have everything to do with spending money. In fact, most romantic endeavors require no or very little money.

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Zara Talks About Being A “Fool For Love,” In 60 Seconds

We hear all kinds of simple sayings like, “Easy As 1-2-3,” and “Sweet As Pie,” without really investigating their meaning. However, when it comes to terms like “Fool For Love,” we might want to slow down and think about what we are truly saying. Find out why “Fool For Love,” is a bad term, and the reason we should stop using it, in this 60-second HeartCheck.

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Answers: “My Friend Wants More, But I’m Married. What Now?”

Friendship can become burdensome when it leaves a marital bond at stake. Typically, a friend who contributes positively to your friendship, adds to your other relationships too. For instance, the lending ear of a girlfriend might help you better confront your husband about a sensitive issue. However, marriages often get put in the backseat when a spouse gives a less significant relationship priority. Resolve the risks associated with any such friendship in order to maintain your marital covenant.

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4 Tips That Benefit Your Dating Life

Anybody who has ever been on a few dates most likely can share a story about their worst date. This proves that everyone is not appropriate dating material or prepared to date effectively. The point of dating is to use a process of elimination as a means to find or be found by your future spouse (so make it clear to every date that you are entitled to and do date other people). Consequently, you should never go out with someone carelessly.

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Before the Wedding: 10 Tips

If things like prenuptial agreements, dress and tuxedo shopping, or invitations and event planning outweigh a sense of respect for the covenant of marriage, your focus is off. Marriage is too serious a commitment to be downplayed by excitement over the wedding. The wedding is just one day but the marriage is meant to last a lifetime. It is not that the engagement cannot incite celebration—but because engagement precedes marriage, material things never top the list as more important when it comes down to the two.

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Answers: “He Can’t Commit, What Should I Do?”

Men prolong the dating stage more than women, right? Wrong. According to a survey done for by, 42.1% of the men surveyed said they would make things official after only “a couple of good dates.” So, what might that say about the man you are dating if he cannot commit to you?

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The More Common Kind Of Love

Despite general assumptions, fraternal love is one of the more common kinds of love experienced. Many think romantic love is more common, but news publications like the New York Times and Huffington Post reports that singles have become a majority. Their findings...
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Zara Talks To Relationship Experts Bill & Pam Farrel: Spice Up Your Marriage!

Honeymoon’s start a fire in marriage that is not to be put out by the hands of time. Proverbs 5:17-20 tells husbands to always take delight in their wife’s body, and for wives to satisfy their husband’s with their breasts at all times. Where in the world do people get the idea that the marital spark is meant to flicker out after a while? Oh, right, from “the world.” Well, we Christians must not believe as the world believes—especially when it comes to marriage. I found that top-selling authors Bill and Pam Farrel expressed similar beliefs about marital fire in their book Red Hot Monogamy. Therefore, it was only right to interview them about this very topic.

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Relationship Building for Unmarried Couples

Couples usually pass the most common break-up period after about three to five months, because affections that seem natural earlier on require work to maintain. Relationship-building exercises may be crucial for unmarried couples who have reached the first half-year mark if they want to stay to together. However, exercises specifically designed for building relationships can benefit couples at any time.

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Zara Talks To Rapper Da Truth & Wife Nicole: Love-Life After Adultery

If your spouse cheated would you stay? Wait! Before you answer that question, listen to my interview with two-time Grammy-nominated rapper Da’ T.R.U.T.H. and his wife Nicole, who experienced adultery in their marriage first-hand.

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Zara Talks To Relationship Expert Tony Gaskins Jr.: Get The Best Out Of Dating

How do you go from an abusive, controlling, womanizer to a noted relationship and life coach? Tony Gaskins, featured on Oprah and the Tyra Show, can tell you how. He uses his experience to help men and women get to better, healthier love. Because so many people want real love, but don’t know how to date in a way that makes it possible, I asked Tony to call in to HeartShape and share his expert insight on dating with purpose. We talked about the top dating mistakes, cheating versus monogamy and so much more. Of course there’s no blueprint to a perfect dating life, but I have to say, Tony’s tips are pretty close to one.

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Zara Talks To Hollywood Star Kel Mitchell: Love-Life After Attempted Suicide

Since he was twelve years old, Kel Mitchell’s been known for playing the funny guy. Many confuse his real life with make-believe. They think he’s lived carefree, void of trial and far from pain. He smiles in almost every picture (a trait especially scarce in most men) and it’s easy to find people who consider him a positive example (not as easy for most of today’s celebrities). However, after listening to Kel describe his suicidal attempt, past struggles with drug and alcohol use, and details about his divorce, it became clear there was a time when nothing was funny about his life.

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Rapper Eshon Burgundy: Love-Life After Porn Addiction

When the “Street Runner” video hit YouTube, fans were stirred over more than Eshon Burgundy’s lyrical content. Bold white letters spell out “Ex-Porn Addict” across the T-Shirt worn through the entire video. Many could not believe that a man with such righteous lyrics could have battled with such unrighteousness. We spoke to Eshon about his decision to plaster such a strong statement across his chest.

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What’s a Healthy Single Life?

Most people know more singles than married couples. Even the latest Census Bureau data proves it true reporting 96.6 million singles living in America; a number well over the 60.8 million married couples. While it’s a fact that millions live single lives, who knows how many actually experience a healthy one (or if they even understand what that means). Yet and still, it’s crucial to recognize a healthy single life and experience it firsthand.

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Zara Talks to Multi-Million Selling Author Shaunti Feldhahn: Communication Tips Proven to Work

Former Wall Street analyst Shaunti Feldhahn, is now a best-selling author, speaker, and nationally syndicated columnist—widely recognized for her in-depth research on relationships. One of her very popular books, “For Women Only: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men,” sold over a million copies. I asked Shaunti to speak with me about how men and women can better communicate in love relationships. Our interview made one thing clear, healthy communication has to do with God more than anything else.

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