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Take Me to Another Place! [VLOG 19]

Do you know Arrested Development’s song “Tennessee”? Part of the lyrics go: “Lord, I’ve really been real stressed, down and out, losing ground,” and “Take me to another place, take me to another land. Make me forget all that hurts me, let me understand your plan.” If you’ve been watching the past few VLOGs, you know those particular parts of the song, and more, ring so true for me (I know the song’s message extends beyond my circumstance). But get this! We happened to get to go on another trip…to Tennessee, with my husband for a work project; right in the midst of the same season. Ironic huh? Watch this episode of Zara & Family VLOG to see all about it.

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I Just Want to Be With Them [VLOG 18]

Ever get caught up caring for the needs of others before you’re even out of your own pit? After weeks of personal grief, I started to feel a little better. My family needed some quality time more than people outside my home deserved it. A trip to sunny Florida took us away to get the ball rolling. Watch this episode of Zara & Family VLOG to see.

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Bye-Bye Jersey, Gotta Get Home [VLOG 15]

You ever lose more than one person at the same time, and feel stuck in a pit? My emotions went through the ringer with the car accident at the top of the New Year, a birthday celebration for my son and the death of his grandfather the same day–after already trying to cope with the loss of my close aunt not long before. Then, jetting from ATL, on the fly, for the funerals in north Jersey. Whew. Made me remember that no two people grieve the same; and it hit me worse than I expected. However, it came time to leave NJ and meet the needs of my immediate family in ATL. It’s so crazy how you can look totally opposite of how your heart feels inside. See what I mean when you watch this episode of Zara & Family VLOG.

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He Turned It Into Good! [VLOG 14]

Look at things turn around! Although the grief was nowhere near gone, God did use it for good. My father’s side of my family got a chance to reconnect on some level, and I got to edit the first draft of my manuscript at home base. See what I mean when you watch this episode of Zara & Family VLOG.

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I’ve Got to Get Back to Jersey [VLOG 12]

We celebrated Kinsi’s birthday and found out his great grandfather passed on the same day. This, after one of my close aunts also passed. So, it was necessary to get back to New Jersey. Watch the emotional trip up north, in this episode of Zara & Family VLOG.

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My Daughter Evyr Sings HALLELUJAH!

Here’s some morning inspiration—or afternoon, or evening, depending on when you hit “play”—for you, from my daughter Evyr Anadai. She can actually sing this song better, but got nervous having to do it in front of the camera for some reason. Also important to note, she basically teaches herself (with a little input from me and her father). Subscribe to see her grow in her dream of being a singer, and give her a million thumbs up for being brave!

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[WATCH] Spillin’ the Tea On Me: She Told Me I Was Unfriendable!

Remember that “Spillin’ the Tea On Me” installment I did entitled Friendship Struggles? Well, I never got to update you on some of the ridiculous feedback I got. Since I haven’t spilled any tea on me in a while, I decided to bring the stories back with an update on this particular one. Get the “tea” when you watch this new installment.

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[WATCH] I Wanted to Die Last Week

There won’t ever be a time it’s not necessary to present diligent pleas to God—therefore, we must never grow weary in having to do so. We may get tired of facing affliction and storms, but we must never get tired of praying through them. Find out why when you watch this episode of Zara Talks.

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I Thought I Was Writing One Book, But God

Can I just tell you? I swore up and down (just the north Jerz in me, using my normal figure of speech to show how certain I was), that I was writing one novel. All the way up until the middle of 2017. I would look at my outline for It Came 2 Pass and feel like I had a mountain to climb—that I’d never be able to.

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I Needed to Write Today, But…

Gone are the days when I was a younger single woman, and had energy to type into the wee hours, thousands of words. I’m actually tired by the time sunset hits. So, even though I’m not naturally an “early bird,” this flesh will have to get beat into submission in order to get it done before sunrise.

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[WATCH] The Thing I Fear Has Come Upon Me

Did you know there’s a common root of our gripes with, and murmurings against, God? And that root is a specific sin too. In the book of Job, it may seem like his fear [Job 3:25-26] was the issue. However, we find out later, that very specific sin was what Job had to repent of, not fear. Find out what it is when you watch this episode of Zara Talks.

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[WATCH] I Don’t Believe In Jesus Anymore (?)

The fight with unbelief usually springs from a pride within our own heart, so we must be adamant about asking God to search our heart, constantly. Otherwise we end up masking the real issue; pride. For many Christians, they pretend their zeal for God is driving them, when they’re really only after something they envy or covet (rooted in pride). That pride keeps us from relying on God’s understanding, which then prevents us from growing in faith. So, we succumb to unbelief.  WATCH now, to learn more.

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The Hairston’s 10-Year Vow Renewal

You heard their love story, you watched Zara find the dress, you rode along for the first taste-testing and you know about the “fake ring” story. Now, it’s finally time to see the actual 10-year vow renewal—and the week leading up to the big day! Watch it now.

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[WATCH] How to Set Goals

Plan your life with God—in a way that allows you to measure progress. I show you how using my goal worksheet to start you off in six life areas, and it includes my calendar measuring tool too! Grab your free resource to follow along with my instructions detailed in this episode of Zara Talks.

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[WATCH] Find Your Spiritual Gifts

Find out what spiritual gift(s) God has equipped you with—to serve His Body of believers—in this episode of Zara Talks. Make sure you watch this video in full before you take the test, otherwise, you may walk away with inaccurate results.

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[WATCH] Biblical Submission

Marriage can feel miserable when submission is taken out of context and enforced on either spouse. Learn how to practice submission when you watch “Biblical Submission,” on this episode of Zara Talks!

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[WATCH] Harmful Horoscopes

Find out why horoscopes are harmful to true believers, in this episode of Zara Talks. If you call yourself a “Christian,” you’ll definitely want to know why [horoscopes are harmful ] and what to do with this vital information.

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[WATCH] 15 Things to Do So You Don’t Have Sex

Studies show couples who have sex before they get married end up with less pleasurable sex lives compared to those who wait until marriage. Regardless of such useful information, it’s still a real struggle for many people. Usually it’s because they’re more focused on what they can’t do than what they can. So it’s good to know Biblical guidelines like those outlined in 1 Corinthians 7:32-35, but even better when it’s used as a tool to reinforce you positively.

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[WATCH] Before You Cheat

Find out how porn addiction and temptations of attention outside our marriage lead us to discover the power of confession, in this Zara Talks episode—which my husband dropped in on. I trust the stories and application suggestion at the end of the video will help you mature and grow your relationship or marriage.

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[WATCH] Do More!

Think like a “real one,” and then—let your behavior follow. I explain just what that means in this “Zara Talks” episode entitled “Do More!” Be sure to SHARE this video so you can help your friends and family too.

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[WATCH] “Thank You God!”

What was the last thing you thanked God for? How often do you thank Him? Did you know it is the will of God that we, His children and disciples of Christ, be thankful in all things? I offer a really simple tip that can help you do just that, in this video. Share it so you can help your friends and family too!

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[WATCH] Living With a Mental Disorder

It took me over 18 years before I finally got help with my mental disorder, and it only happened “by chance,” when I finally attempted the suicide I’d long dreamed about. Watch this video to learn more about my story, and how you can help your loved ones with a similar struggle. May the lies you believe about mental health issues be uprooted!

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[WATCH] Insecure No More (Pt. 1-4)

Think insecurity is your problem? Well, actually, it’s just a symptom of the real problem. And when you treat symptoms they may subside for a while, but it’s only a matter of time before you’re overcome again. So what’s the root that needs a pull-up? I talk more about it—and even offer a biblical remedy—in this 4-part miniseries “Insecure No More.”

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[WATCH] Help My Depression (Part 1-4)

Just because they minimize your hurt, doesn’t mean it’s minimal. Just because it wouldn’t impact them the way it’s impacting you, doesn’t mean they’re stronger…or, that it isn’t “that serious.” If it matters to you, it most certainly matters to our Father. He knows, He sees (even the details they don’t), and He understands your hurt and pain fully. Find out what I mean in this video series.

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[VIDEO] Answers For Married Couples: How Do You Work Through the Porn Addiction Of a Spouse?

Watch the first of many questions answered in this new video segment series: Answers For Married Couples, presented by Love-Life, Inc. Eshon Burgundy and Zara Hairston will answer your questions about marriage in 3 mins or less—monthly! Subscribe to the YouTube channel for video notifications, and send questions to: for a chance to see you question featured.

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“Help My Unbelief!”

You don’t have to feel condemned, or as though you are betraying God because you presently have doubts where you once stood firm. Confess to your Savior that you need Him to help your unbelief. I talk more about unbelief and the life of the believer in this brief video blog.

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Single Blues? Here’s Some Help!

Time ticks. Days pass. Friends hook up. You? Still single. Even though it’s your choice to remain single, instances occur when you feel disheartened. Those feelings sometimes stir up questions about the future of your life and the length of your singleness. “Is there somebody for me?” “How long before that perfect person comes my way?” Those kinds of thoughts repeat themselves—mostly centered on doubt.

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Can’t Afford Your Wife & Kids? 5 Things That Can Help

Barely keeping up with partially paid bills and piling debts can sometimes invite bull-dog debt collectors—how overwhelming for the loving husband and father. In such situations, it is easy to feel powerless. Some men give up and lose hope while others pursue illegal activity to combat the financial strain, but neither result well. So what does a man do when he is drowning in lack with a family who depends on him to fix it?

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Are You Arguing Too Much?

Couples argue about everything from children and housework to money and sex—even the best marriage counselors and love guru’s have conflict about these same things in their own relationships. Conflict-free relationships do not exist, so it’s no cause for alarm if you and your mate have arguments. The danger, however, is when those arguments become destructive.

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3 Marriage Cycles: Which One Are You In?

If you could only have one what would you choose: love or respect? Research data in Shaunti Feldhahn’s book, “For Women Only,” concludes that most men choose respect while most women prefer love. Ironically, many couples don’t even recognize their spouse’s primary need, and think sex, money or in-law problems keep them from having a good marriage. Emerson and Sarah Eggerichs of Love and Respect Ministries have decoded though, that the state of any marriage has much to do with recognizing certain cycles that involve love and respect.

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“9 Fruits Challenge” – #1, Patience

What fruit of God’s Spirit needs the most work in your heart? Before January of this year, I had not asked the question in that specific manner. Yet, it must have been important to my growth because I found myself in what I coined, “The 9 Fruits Challenge,” before the month was out. I explain further in this video. Hopefully, you will join me in the challenge.

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Extracurricular Participation and Student Engagement

Recent research suggests that participation in extracurricular activities may increase students’ sense of engagement or attachment to their school, and thereby decrease the likelihood of school failure and dropping out (Lamborn et al, 1992; Finn, 1993). If, indeed, participation in extracurricular activities can lead to success in school, then the availability of these activities to students of all backgrounds becomes an important equity issue.

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Out-of-School Activities Play Crucial, Positive Role for Kids

When the school bell rings, do America’s middle and high school students turn into slackers and couch potatoes? Not according to a new national survey which found that 79% of America’s middle and high school students regularly participate in activities both after school and on weekends and 57% have some kind of non-school activity nearly every day. The vast majority of the students surveyed by the nonpartisan opinion research organization Public Agenda indicate that activities ranging from sports to art and music to church programs play a crucial and positive role in their lives.

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Zara Talks About How To Do Right, Weekly Wisdom

I remember when I first came across Romans 7, where Paul talks about the struggle to do right. I’d recently given my life to Christ so my company mostly included Christians who were not so Christian. They typically used Romans 7 as an excuse to sin, like verse 25 of that chapter didn’t exist. However, for me, that verse stood out most for some reason.

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2016-2017 ASA Calendar

Subscribe to Arrow Spring Academy's mailing list for biblical support through your homeschool journey. Parents and guardians who want to further impact their public or private school student are welcome to subscribe too. We're not fond of spam, so you'll only get...

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Spice Up Your Marriage: A 7-Day Tip Sheet

Nearly 50 percent of married couples get divorced. A variety of factors contribute to this overwhelming rate, but just one factor can help that rate decline: romance. Romance in a marriage takes communication, concentrated attention and selflessness, all things that can contribute to divorce when taken for granted. Couples can heat up their marriage by getting romantic in simple ways every day, in turn moving them further and further from the possibility of divorce.

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Zara Talks About Cheating Men, In 60 Seconds

You probably hear the popular belief that “all men cheat,” on talk and radio shows, television, and even amongst your peers. As a matter of fact, you yourself might even believe it is true. Whether you think all men cheat, some men cheat, or your views are somewhere in-between, the Bible has key evidence to dispute the popular belief altogether. Listen to this 60-second HeartCheck to find out.

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Zara Answers: “Help, My Mom’s a Control Freak! What Do I Do?”

Young children may have no choice, but adult children do not have to suffer from parental control. Yes, adults must honor their parents, but we should also understand the context of the Biblical commandment; which was not written as a parents ticket to forever control their child.

Amidst failed or repeated attempts to reach a controlling mom, you may not believe in workable solutions to help you better deal with her abuse of control. However, there are a few—and it is up to you to free yourself from the unhealthy burden in a way that respects her position, yet also respects the validity of your adulthood.

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Stuck At Home?

You limit your homeschool experience when you make class exclusive to your home. Homeschooling can offer your students a myriad of educational life experiences, right outside your door. Here’s how…

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Know Your Child’s Learning Type

Most of us have a natural way of picking up new info — we learn best either by listening, looking, or doing. Once you know your child’s learning personality, you can understand how their brain works best. Then, play to their strengths in order to maximize school potential.

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