[WATCH] I Wanted to Die Last Week

There won’t ever be a time it’s not necessary to present diligent pleas to God—therefore, we must never grow weary in having to do so. We may get tired of facing affliction and storms, but we must never get tired of praying through them. Find out why when you watch this episode of Zara Talks.

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[WATCH] I Don’t Believe In Jesus Anymore (?)

The fight with unbelief usually springs from a pride within our own heart, so we must be adamant about asking God to search our heart, constantly. Otherwise we end up masking the real issue; pride. For many Christians, they pretend their zeal for God is driving them, when they’re really only after something they envy or covet (rooted in pride). That pride keeps us from relying on God’s understanding, which then prevents us from growing in faith. So, we succumb to unbelief.  WATCH now, to learn more.

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[WATCH] How to Set Goals

Plan your life with God—in a way that allows you to measure progress. I show you how using my goal worksheet to start you off in six life areas, and it includes my calendar measuring tool too! Grab your free resource to follow along with my instructions detailed in this episode of Zara Talks.

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Single Blues? Here’s Some Help!

Time ticks. Days pass. Friends hook up. You? Still single. Even though it’s your choice to remain single, instances occur when you feel disheartened. Those feelings sometimes stir up questions about the future of your life and the length of your singleness. “Is there somebody for me?” “How long before that perfect person comes my way?” Those kinds of thoughts repeat themselves—mostly centered on doubt.

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Can’t Afford Your Wife & Kids? 5 Things That Can Help

Barely keeping up with partially paid bills and piling debts can sometimes invite bull-dog debt collectors—how overwhelming for the loving husband and father. In such situations, it is easy to feel powerless. Some men give up and lose hope while others pursue illegal activity to combat the financial strain, but neither result well. So what does a man do when he is drowning in lack with a family who depends on him to fix it?

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Zara Talks About How To Do Right, Weekly Wisdom

I remember when I first came across Romans 7, where Paul talks about the struggle to do right. I’d recently given my life to Christ so my company mostly included Christians who were not so Christian. They typically used Romans 7 as an excuse to sin, like verse 25 of that chapter didn’t exist. However, for me, that verse stood out most for some reason.

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Zara Talks About Cheating Men, In 60 Seconds

You probably hear the popular belief that “all men cheat,” on talk and radio shows, television, and even amongst your peers. As a matter of fact, you yourself might even believe it is true. Whether you think all men cheat, some men cheat, or your views are somewhere in-between, the Bible has key evidence to dispute the popular belief altogether. Listen to this 60-second HeartCheck to find out.

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Zara Answers: “Help, My Mom’s a Control Freak! What Do I Do?”

Young children may have no choice, but adult children do not have to suffer from parental control. Yes, adults must honor their parents, but we should also understand the context of the Biblical commandment; which was not written as a parents ticket to forever control their child.

Amidst failed or repeated attempts to reach a controlling mom, you may not believe in workable solutions to help you better deal with her abuse of control. However, there are a few—and it is up to you to free yourself from the unhealthy burden in a way that respects her position, yet also respects the validity of your adulthood.

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Zara Talks About Why It Still Hurts, In 60 Seconds

Does the heartbreak still hurt you? Are you struggling to move on from what occurred due to their betrayal? Sometimes we just bask in our heartbreak, without stopping to ask why we are still hurting. So, why are you hurting after all this time? In this 60-second HeartCheck, find out one reason that could be causing your hurt to stay at a standstill.

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Zara Talks About Them Getting Away With Hurting You, In 60 Seconds

Did they get away with hurting you? Maybe you feel betrayed by an ex, while they seem to flaunt their happiness all over social media. Or, perhaps an associate lied on you without penalty. Now, all you can think about is the injustice you feel. Thanks be to God, there is something you can do about it. Find out one option, specifically, in this 60-second HeartCheck.

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Zara Talks About Being A “Fool For Love,” In 60 Seconds

We hear all kinds of simple sayings like, “Easy As 1-2-3,” and “Sweet As Pie,” without really investigating their meaning. However, when it comes to terms like “Fool For Love,” we might want to slow down and think about what we are truly saying. Find out why “Fool For Love,” is a bad term, and the reason we should stop using it, in this 60-second HeartCheck.

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Answers: “My Friend Wants More, But I’m Married. What Now?”

Friendship can become burdensome when it leaves a marital bond at stake. Typically, a friend who contributes positively to your friendship, adds to your other relationships too. For instance, the lending ear of a girlfriend might help you better confront your husband about a sensitive issue. However, marriages often get put in the backseat when a spouse gives a less significant relationship priority. Resolve the risks associated with any such friendship in order to maintain your marital covenant.

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Answers: “He Can’t Commit, What Should I Do?”

Men prolong the dating stage more than women, right? Wrong. According to a survey done for Glamour.com by Zoosk.com, 42.1% of the men surveyed said they would make things official after only “a couple of good dates.” So, what might that say about the man you are dating if he cannot commit to you?

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Zara Talks To Relationship Experts Bill & Pam Farrel: Spice Up Your Marriage!

Honeymoon’s start a fire in marriage that is not to be put out by the hands of time. Proverbs 5:17-20 tells husbands to always take delight in their wife’s body, and for wives to satisfy their husband’s with their breasts at all times. Where in the world do people get the idea that the marital spark is meant to flicker out after a while? Oh, right, from “the world.” Well, we Christians must not believe as the world believes—especially when it comes to marriage. I found that top-selling authors Bill and Pam Farrel expressed similar beliefs about marital fire in their book Red Hot Monogamy. Therefore, it was only right to interview them about this very topic.

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Zara Talks To Relationship Expert Tony Gaskins Jr.: Get The Best Out Of Dating

How do you go from an abusive, controlling, womanizer to a noted relationship and life coach? Tony Gaskins, featured on Oprah and the Tyra Show, can tell you how. He uses his experience to help men and women get to better, healthier love. Because so many people want real love, but don’t know how to date in a way that makes it possible, I asked Tony to call in to HeartShape and share his expert insight on dating with purpose. We talked about the top dating mistakes, cheating versus monogamy and so much more. Of course there’s no blueprint to a perfect dating life, but I have to say, Tony’s tips are pretty close to one.

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Zara Talks To Hollywood Star Kel Mitchell: Love-Life After Attempted Suicide

Since he was twelve years old, Kel Mitchell’s been known for playing the funny guy. Many confuse his real life with make-believe. They think he’s lived carefree, void of trial and far from pain. He smiles in almost every picture (a trait especially scarce in most men) and it’s easy to find people who consider him a positive example (not as easy for most of today’s celebrities). However, after listening to Kel describe his suicidal attempt, past struggles with drug and alcohol use, and details about his divorce, it became clear there was a time when nothing was funny about his life.

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Zara Talks to Multi-Million Selling Author Shaunti Feldhahn: Communication Tips Proven to Work

Former Wall Street analyst Shaunti Feldhahn, is now a best-selling author, speaker, and nationally syndicated columnist—widely recognized for her in-depth research on relationships. One of her very popular books, “For Women Only: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men,” sold over a million copies. I asked Shaunti to speak with me about how men and women can better communicate in love relationships. Our interview made one thing clear, healthy communication has to do with God more than anything else.

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