Can I just tell you? I swore up and down (just the north Jerz in me, using my normal figure of speech to show how certain I was), that I was writing one novel. All the way up until the middle of 2017. I would look at my outline for It Came 2 Pass and feel like I had a mountain to climb—that I’d never be able to.

Then I re-set some goals with my personal goal sheet, and God showed me that all along, I was actually writing a 3-part novel! God is just so dope, because I would have never came up with that on my own.

Anyway, I say all that to say…have a plan, but be open to allowing God to wreck it if He wants to. You will find that He only makes “your plans” better, when you submit them to Him.

I would get so discouraged whenever that outline of mines would stare back at me, to the point of sometimes closing the laptop. If I had not followed the prompting of the Holy Spirit, I would have never realized He’d given me such a full outline because it was more than one book. See, God didn’t show me that from the jump—but that’s Him, always taking me one step at a time (even though I get in the way of what He’s working out in me sometimes, by wanting all the steps at one time, lol).

Believers, we are in good Hands. Let’s always be up to date with what He’s doing.

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Alright guys…pray for me!


God’s Absolute Best,

Mrs. Zara Hairston

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