I want to scream. Yet, my body is too limp and tired to.

You may have seen the vlog about our recent family struggles, or the Zara Talks episode where I shared about my confusing health issues. Well, that’s why I want to scream…and, it’s also the reason why my body can’t even get the energy up to do it.

It’s also the reason why I wanted to write today (and yesterday, and all last week) but—didn’t. Or, am I allowed to use the word “couldn’t” instead? Nevertheless, I am super thankful for the new grace and mercy that God showers me with each morning.

I plan to use that grace and mercy to help me write fresh on Monday morning, and throughout next week. As a matter of fact, I even updated our family schedule so I get up at 4:30 a.m. to be with God and then write. ‘Cause I’ll just be real, whenever I leave the night to write (even though I really prefer to write at night), I’m so exhausted I can’t even feel my fingers—let alone type.

Gone are the days when I was a younger single woman, and had energy to type into the wee hours, thousands of words. I’m actually tired by the time sunset hits. So, even though I’m not naturally an “early bird,” this flesh will have to get beat into submission in order to get it done before sunrise.

I’m going to get these pages in. And if you’re a writer, I encourage you to get it in too!

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Alright guys…pray for me!


God’s Absolute Best,

Mrs. Zara Hairston

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