Since like 2005, I have been writing this novel based on events in my actual life. People are literally floored after reading the sample chapters. You know what though? I have to confess, I need to finally get it together and finish it.

True, I got married—and that priority got in the way of completing the task. And yes, I had three children, kind of back-to-back—and those priorities got in the way as well. Ok, then I started doing teaching videos…plus, more recently, working on my vlog—and that stacked on top of the already full list of things to do.

But, enough is enough!

I am just chapters away from finishing “It Came 2 Pass,” and you will (unless, of course, God has other plans I’ve missed) have a copy in your hands in 2018 (’cause I know you want to buy it, smiles).

Please join my email list because that’s how I’ll let you know when it’s available for purchase. Oh, and I’ll also send updates and info leading up to that release date too.

Alright guys…pray for me!


God’s Absolute Best,

Mrs. Zara Hairston

It Came 2 Pass

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