It took me over 18 years before I finally got help with my mental disorder, and it only happened “by chance,” when I finally attempted the suicide I’d long dreamt about. Watch this video to learn more about my story, and how you can help your loved ones with a similar struggle. May the lies you believe about mental health issues be uprooted!

Some of your beloved public figures (past and present) struggle with a mental disorder or mental illness too. Here’s just a few—pulled from a long list—according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness:

• Sigmund Freud – Clinical Depression
• Halle Berry – Suicide Attempt
• Alvin Ailey – Bipolar Disorder
• Mike Tyson – Depression Disorder
• Ben Stiller – Bipolar Disorder
• DMX – Bipolar Disorder
• Janet Jackson – Clinical Depression
• Jim Carrey – Clinical Depression
• Macy Gray – Bipolar Disorder
• Natalie Cole – Clinical Depression
• Winston Churchill – Bipolar Disorder
• Eminem – Clinical Depression
• Princess Diana – Depression Disorder/Suicide Attempts
• Damon Wayans – Clinical Depression
• Drew Barrymore – Clinical Depression
• Roseann- Dissociative Identity Disorder/Clinical Depression
• And more