Extend Black History past one month, and make it a whole year! Last school year our students loved the “Spotlight” feature on African-American figures so much, it inspired us to implement the features idea beyond February. Feel free to use our idea for your students or children too.


Things You’ll Need

365 PDF Document
Figure Names
Tape, Stapler or Glue
Decorative Accents of Your Choice


Step 1: Print The Document

Save time and download the document on our shop page for just $0.99, we’ve done the work for you. However, feel free to create your own if you want different colors or fonts.



Step 2: Make Extra Copies of Page 3

Print extra copies of page 3, according to the number of figures you plan to highlight. You may want to discuss a new figure each week, or bi-weekly. Simply divide 52 weeks (one year) by the number of weeks you plan to feature each figure, in order to determine the number of squares to print. For example, if you want to highlight a figure every two weeks, take 52 ÷ 2 to find the result of 26 squares.


Step 3: Decide On African-American Figures

Research African-American figures and select a figure for each square. You can visit websites like GreatBlackHeros.com or BiographyOnline.net for ideas. Be sure to record at least 3 facts you want your students to learn, use that information to teach and assess their knowledge.

bh names



Step 4: Decorate & Post!

Find a place to post your squares, decorate the area to make it stand out. Place your figure names in the white part of each square (you can use marker or type and print them), and add the photos as you go through the weeks. Always review the last figure before you go on to the next. At the end of the year, your students should have knowledge of all the figures in each square.