This Love Language Test helps you and your spouse discover what makes you feel most loved, in order to help improve your communication and intimacy. It’s very simple and takes about 15 minutes to complete.

There are 5 sections. In each section you will find a series of descriptive sentences. Read each sentence and number it according to how well it describes you.


Number how each sentence best describes you…

1. “That is definitely NOT me!”
2. “That is usually NOT me.”
3. “That is usually me.”
4. “That is mostly me.”
5. “That IS definitely me!”


Don’t number according to how you want to be seen, rather mark it according to how you really are. If it is NATURALLY who you are then it isn’t something that you are “working on” nor is it something that requires a lot of effort in order for you to be that way. It just comes natural.


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