He shows those who are humble how to do right, and He teaches them His ways.” Psalms 25:9 (NCV)

I remember when I first came across Romans 7, where Paul talks about the struggle to do right. I’d recently given my life to Christ so my company mostly included Christians who were not so Christian. They typically used Romans 7 as an excuse to sin, like verse 25 of that chapter didn’t exist. However, for me, that verse stood out most for some reason.

As a matter of fact, it led me to go back a chapter to examine Romans 6:1-2 and 15, which basically concludes that we must not continue in sin just because we have God’s grace in Christ. Otherwise, we abuse the grace He sacrificed His life to give us. What am I getting at here? I’ll make it simple and plain: Just because we’re of a sin nature, doesn’t mean God is okay with us walking in error. There is no excuse when we know His way yet choose otherwise, and we put Christ’s sacrifice in vain when we bank on sinning because we have grace.

So How Do We Do Right?

Well, that’s what verse 25 of Romans 7 confirms. It says Christ is the answer.

That doesn’t mean staring at a bunch of Scriptures about Him or just calling His name either. We’ve got to liveeatsleep and breathe Him. In doing so, we exercise humility—a prerequisite to Him showing us, personally, how to do right despite our sin nature.

What Areas Are You Practicing Compromise?

Have you been leaning a little too heavy on grace? I challenge you to stop using that pass of grace and humble yourself instead. That way, God can show you how to do right so you won’t have to depend on grace so much—you can just do right. What does it mean to humble yourself? To summarize in five words: Make yourself lower than God. No one is higher than Him, but we act like we’re more important when we choose ourselves over Him.

This Week…

Humble yourself by choosing God first…from the time you wake up in the morning, to the time you go to sleep at night. Then, expect Him to show you how to do right where you’ve been excusing yourself a bit too much on the merit of grace (meditating on the Scriptures linked to “live,” “eat,” “sleep,” and “breathe Him” can get you off to a good start!).


Father God, I don’t want to abuse the grace that Jesus Christ died to give me—it was far too costly for me take advantage of. Forgive me where I’ve done so. Help me to humble myself and show me how to choose You first…over my feelings, my relationships, and everything in my life. You are my priority God, and I need You to help me keep it that way. I respectfully expect You to show me how to do right as a result of seeking You first. I love You and need You always. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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Zara Talks About How To Do Right, Weekly Wisdom

by Zara Hairston | Weekly Wisdom