Love challenges everyone. Whether you’re looking for love as a single or trying to figure out where it went in your marriage, everybody needs help getting a handle on it from time to time. One of the best and most affordable ways to get a handle on love is educating yourself with a good book.

What to Do Until Love Finds You

A best-selling guide for single women, What to Do Until Love Finds You by relationship coach Michelle McKinney Hammond, encourages women to make their time of waiting productive and worthwhile. Exploring sexual temptation, explaining the importance of discernment and evaluating what’s considered trouble areas, a serious interest in this book can make your single life one without regret.

Getting the Love You Want

Geared towards couples looking for a more loving, supportive and satisfying relationship, Getting the Love You Want is a step-by-step program that helps couples create just that. Written by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., relationship therapist, pastoral counselor and originator of Imago Relationship Therapy, the book reflects more than thirty years of his experience aiding couples in their healing process.

The Five Love Languages

People give and receive love in very different ways. So different, if you don’t show love in a way your mate understands, they won’t even realize it when you show it. Gary Chapman, counselor and author of The Five Love Languages, identifies those differences so couples can effectively express love to their mate in a way that makes it clear.

The Love Dare

Subject of the dramatic movie Fireproof, which highlights the story of a firefighter who uses this experiment to save his marriage, The Love Dare (by Stephen and Alex Kendrick) is a 40-day challenge for married couples to practice unconditional love. It offers daily instruction and causes you to think about love in a more intimate way so marriage becomes more meaningful, weather it’s on the verge of divorce or going strong.

The Bait of Satan: Living Free From the Deadly Trap of Offense

Everybody gets offended. It’s inevitable you’re going to be offended, especially by those you love most. Offense endangers love and is so dangerous it can end up destroying relationships meant to last. John Bevere, in his book The Bait of Satan, helps you become better rather than bitter when dealing with offense. This book isn’t necessarily a “relationship book,” but it’s one you want to read if you desire a love-life free from the offenses that rob you of love.

Zara Hairston

Zara Hairston


Zara Hairston is your favorite author, teacher, and creative. She holds a bachelor of arts in Journalism from Temple University, and a master of arts in Christian Counseling. Currently, she resides in the Atlanta area with her husband Anton "Eshon Burgundy" Hairston and their three children.