When a physical fire goes out at night it is difficult to see anything clearly. The same holds true when your marriage loses its fire (especially in hard times). Romance cures it and it does not have everything to do with spending money. In fact, most romantic endeavors require no or very little money.

1. Wear exciting nightclothes to bed. Stimulating each other is easier with added appeal.

2. Do at least three spontaneous things for or with each other every week. It could be something as simple as a surprise lunch. Just remember what’s already routine isn’t spontaneity.

3. Play a lot of blind fold games. The element of surprise can arouse sexual appetite.

4. Establish “morning musts,” like making sure to hug and kiss before getting out the bed.

5. Do bedtime briefs where you tell each other something thoughtful as if it were the last night you’d see each other.

6. Continue to date. Marriage still includes dating each other exclusively.

7. Pray together everyday. This is intimacy at its best.

8. Pray for each other everyday. You might ask God to bless your spouse’s specific business and career endeavors with creativity and supernatural quality, or to free them from some stronghold they struggle with. This relieves any hindrances of stress meant to damper romance.

9. Watch clean comedy together often. Laughter connects.

10. Keep God first, your spouse after, your children next and everything else thereafter. Maintaining proper priorities prevents senseless arguments because your house is already in order.

11. Stay well-groomed and physically appealing. Manage your weight, for example, and keep yourself as attractive as you did when you first started dating and were trying to “catch” your spouse.

12. Take long walks as much as possible. It motivates emotional senses and makes room for open conversation free of the normal distractions around the house.

13. Take drives with and without music. When with music, talk about the songs as a way to bond; when without music play verbal games as a way to connect (you might even make up your own).

14. Write poems or songs to each other at least once in the month. Go the extra mile and perform it for your spouse at home or, if you’re not too shy, at an open mic event.

15. Learn something new together. It can be anything from a cooking class to a woodworking workshop, as long as it’s something neither of you have ever done.

16. Make it your business and priority to keep a smile on their face.

17. Participate in physically intimate activities with each other as often as possible. Keep in mind, the better the non-physical intimacy (compliments, support) for the woman the better the physical intimacy is for the man.

18. Take midnight drives. If you have young children keep this in mind for when they’re with the sitter.

19. Plan vacations together a few months in advance so you can save up. It’s hard to be annoyed with your spouse when you’re relaxed and regrouped from a yearly vacation or when you have one to look forward to.

20. Flirt with each other everyday. That might include sending a text message, expressing a verbal comment or giving a gift.


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