Sometimes we believe the illusion that other moms have it all together—and it can definitely spawn envy. The root of that envy is usually covetousness. When we covet others, we put immense pressure on ourselves to live up to false expectations.  We must renew our outlook, focus on our worth, and deal with our doubts to combat covetousness.

Fresh Perspective

Sometimes we covet another person without the full story. However, the mother with the perfect child may deal with bouts of depression, and the fashonista mom may struggle with insecurity. We do not know what issues lay beneath the surface. We must freshen our perspective daily in order to ward off covetousness, and to see with a right mind (we may even spot an area where we can help another mom).

Know Your Value

Psychologist Frank Ninivaggi reports that a characteristic of envy includes devaluation. Devaluation lessens the value of a thing, so each time we covet another mom we devalue ourselves. We must understand our value in Christ. The Word says that we are of great value.  Whenever you sense envy in your heart, ask God to reveal your significance in Him so you can keep that root of covetousness from forming.

Confront Your Fear

Sometimes we covet others because we fear we will not acquire their status or significance. However, God does not give us a spirit of fear. So, whenever we fear, we must recognize the one behind it—Satan. He loves to distract us from the real problem. Instead of coveting what God does for someone else, we must deal with whatever holds us back. What fears keep you away from God’s best? Admit and face your fears so you can get what God wants for you (and so you can rejoice with those who rejoice).


Psychology Today: Envy and the Life Cycle, a Brief Reflection

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Mica Whitfield

Mica Whitfield

Contributer, Moms In Christ

Mica is a University of North Carolina graduate, with concentrated studies in social work. She is a wife and mom of two young children, and resides in the Atlanta area.

Zara Hairston

Zara Hairston


Zara Hairston is your favorite author, teacher, and creative. She holds a bachelor of arts in Journalism from Temple University, and a master of arts in Christian Counseling. Currently, she resides in the Atlanta area with her husband Anton "Eshon Burgundy" Hairston and their three children.