Whether a first pregnancy was planned, many new moms make deliberate considerations before the chance of a second pregnancy. Financial considerations and time of space in-between siblings, usually plays a major role in the decision. With money and time factors to consider, a mother may think she can best control the decision. Mom’s who believe God, on the other hand, must recognize who controls their best future.

Baby Money

According to the Department of Agriculture, the cost to feed and clothe a child equals twelve thousand dollars a year, and it increases as the cost of living rises. That may shock parents who want to grow their family. However, a positive includes the fact that families with more than two children normally spend less per year, per child. Either way, we must trust that God provides, and let Him free us from worry; especially those worries related to the financial responsibilities of parenthood.

Sibling Space

Motherhood makes most women natural planners. The natural instinct to plan may cause a new mom to seek control of the age gaps in-between her children. While the attempt to plan out pregnancies does include numerous pros, it also includes cons. For example, siblings closer in age may play well together, however, jealousy from the older child could spark resentment of the younger child. Sibling space must not rack our brains, God can certainly make all things good—even surprise pregnancies.

Balance It All

Most parents question whether they can balance life after number two. The thought of two strollers, bigger baby bags, and more diapers, may incite self-doubt. However, every mom was a rookie at one point. Remember, His burden is light. So, although it is wise to count the costs of a new baby, God can help no matter how many children you have.

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Mica Whitfield

Mica Whitfield

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Zara Hairston


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