A new baby may change the familiarity of certain relationships. Those relationships can include friends, family members, and even your spouse. It takes work to maintain a relationship up against the adjustments that come with the birth of your newborn. Thankfully, total dependence on God can counter the job.

The Marriage Relationship

According to the Relationship Research Institute in Seattle, about two-thirds of couples see the quality of their relationship drop within three years of the birth of a child. Instead of fighting against the change, couples must get flexible and creative with their time. For example, when the baby is asleep or with a sitter, discuss any impact he has had on the relationship. Then, decide to wake up earlier and pray or read the bible together to seek God about how you should adjust.

Friendship Relationships

A true friend is loyal, particularly when you need them the most. Be honest with friends and tell them your friendship is important, but the baby has brought about new priorities. Then, discuss the necessary changes in order for the friendship to work. You may find, for example, you need to schedule time for outings instead of an impromptu get-together. If certain friends cannot respect your new priorities, you must depend on God to show you how to redefine those relationships.

Extended Family Relationships

Extended family makes a great resource for a new mom—as long as there are clear boundaries set. For example, you may want to establish your preferred parenting methods and make sure family members can respect your wishes before you accept their help. If this becomes a difficult conversation, depend on God’s wisdom to speak the right words.


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Mica Whitfield

Mica Whitfield

Contributer, Moms In Christ

Mica is a University of North Carolina graduate, with concentrated studies in social work. She is a wife and mom of two young children, and resides in the Atlanta area.

Zara Hairston

Zara Hairston


Zara Hairston is your favorite author, teacher, and creative. She holds a bachelor of arts in Journalism from Temple University, and a master of arts in Christian Counseling. Currently, she resides in the Atlanta area with her husband Anton "Eshon Burgundy" Hairston and their three children.